Worksafe Mapping
Mapping the future of your industry.
By V.F. Management Group Inc.
Safety first
We believe the top priority at any worksite should always be ensuring workers go home safe. Our platform provides the location intelligence to make safety a reality.

Who we are

Our app was created to transform worksite safety through the power of interactive mapping. Developed by V.F. Management, our goal is to provide construction, mining, and industrial companies with the location intelligence they need to operate safely.
The app was envisioned by Pete Vanfossen, founder and CEO of V.F. Management. With over 30 years of experience managing industrial worksites, Pete saw firsthand how a lack of coordination put workers at risk. He teamed up with his nephew, Kyle Kitlinski, to build a solution.Leveraging Kyle’s background in software development, the two built an interactive mapping platform that provides complete visibility across worksites. The app allows users to geo-tag hazards, create project zones, utilize safety forms, and more.
Our mission at V.F. Management is to give companies the insights they need to prevent incidents and save lives. We believe that by connecting location data to safety protocols, we can transform how work gets done. Our team is constantly improving the product and adding new capabilities to better serve our customers.
By implementing our app, you can gain unprecedented visibility into your worksites. This allows you to operate more safely, efficiently, and intelligently. We look forward to mapping the way forward with you.

Transform Your Worksite Safety
Our intuitive solution consolidates data streams into one visual portal anchored to customizable digital maps. This provides the location intelligence to optimize safety and performance across your worksites.
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